The following application is for students applying for a NOLS course through a Gateway Partner Organization.

The Gateway Partner Program provides full-tuition scholarships for select NOLS Expeditions to youth from official Gateway Partner Organizations. Applicants will only be considered for scholarships if they are referred by an official Gateway Partner Organization Mentor. NOLS recommends that potential scholarship recipients complete this application with their Partner Organization Mentor.

Application deadline: Friday, March 23, 2018, 11:59pm MST

How to Apply

  1. First, choose your top three courses from the list of eligible courses below. Click the links below to open new tabs on your browser. There, you will find the course start dates and information about: Travel and Logistics, Equipment Lists, and Course Descriptions. *Do NOT click "APPLY NOW" and submit an application through the links on those pages. Only applications submitted through THIS page will be considered for a scholarship.
  2. Once you make your first, second and third choice course decisions, return to this page and enter your course choices and preferred start dates when prompted. *Once you start your application, you will not be able to save and revisit this form.
  3. Complete the rest of the application form and click "APPLY." Applicants will be notified of NOLS’ enrollment decision on a bi-monthly, rolling basis. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Eligible Courses

Absaroka Backpacking
Adirondack Backpack Adventure
Adirondack Backpacking and Canoeing – 16 and 17 only
Adirondack Backpacking and Canoeing Adventure
Alaska Backpacking
Alaska Backpacking – 16 and 17 only
Alaska Backpacking and Sea Kayaking
Alaska Backpacking and Sea Kayaking – 16 and 17 only
Alaska Outdoor Educator: Backpacking and Sea Kayaking
Alaska Packrafting
Idaho Backpacking Adventure
Idaho Girls Backpacking Adventure
Pacific Northwest Backpacking
Pacific Northwest Backpacking Adventure
Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator: Mountaineering
Rock and River

Rock Climbing – 21 day
Rock Climbing – 21 day – 16 and 17 only
Rock Climbing – 30 day
Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator
Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator with WFR
Salmon Backpacking and Rafting
Salmon Backpacking and Rafting Adventure
Salmon River Adventure
Southeast Alaska Sea Kayaking
Southeast Alaska Sea Kayaking – 16 and 17 only
Whitewater River Expedition
Wilderness Horsepacking
Wind River Service Expedition
Wind River Wilderness
Wind River Wilderness – 16 and 17 only
Wyoming Backpacking Adventure
Wyoming Backpacking Adventure – 3 week