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Get some advice on how to convince your boss to let you take a NOLS course, check out fall semester course availability, and read about a Columbia MBA student’s adventures in Chile.

Lessons from the Alpine Pass: Columbia Business School Student Goes to Chile

two Columbia MBA students on a NOLS course trek up a snowfield in Patagonia

Photo by Sho Fujiwara

“The comforts of the modern world make it easy to avoid situations that we think we don’t like or can’t handle—but in Patagonia, there were inevitabilities you just couldn't escape...I can’t help but think—how boring the alpine pass would have been if it were warm and sunny!”

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It's Not Too Late to Apply for a Fall Semester!

two NOLS participants whitewater kayaking

Photo by Kirk Rasmussen

Interested in earning academic credit for learning outdoors? Join us for a semester in the wilderness this fall—there’s still space available! 

Semester Course Availability, as of 8/14/2018 @ 8:00am MST

Course Spaces Remaining Start Date
Fall Semester in the Rockies 1 space remains 08/31/18
Fall Semester in India 5 spaces remain 09/02/18
Fall Semester in the Rockies 2 spaces remain 09/07/18
Fall Semester in the Southwest 4 spaces remain 09/10/18
Fall Semester for Outdoor Educators 4 spaces remain 09/15/18
Fall Semester in New Zealand 3 spaces remain 09/20/18
Fall Semester in Baja 2 spaces remain 09/21/18
Fall Semester in Patagonia 3 spaces remain 10/02/18
Year in Patagonia 2 spaces remain 10/18/18


How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Take a NOLS Course

NOLS students practice communication on a river course

Photo by Craig Muderlak

Get some expert tips on how to convince your boss to let you take a NOLS course. Plus, check out our shorter prime courses, designed to accommodate the busy schedules of adults ages 23 and up.

Prime Course Availability, as of 8/14/2018 @ 8:00am MST

Course Spaces Remaining Start Date
Wind River Wilderness - Prime 3 spaces remain 08/26/18
Adirondack Canoeing - Prime 1 space remains 09/15/18
Southwest Women's Rock Climbing - Prime 6 spaces remain


Baja Coastal Sailing - Prime 9 spaces remain 01/27/19 
New Zealand Sailing - Prime 6 spaces remain 02/02/19 
Baja Coastal Sailing - Prime  5 spaces remain 02/09/19 
Women's Southwest Backpacking - Prime  9 spaces remain 02/10/19 

Take a Wilderness First Aid Course

NOLS Wilderness Medicine students participate in a scenario in the woodsPhoto by William Woodward

Get ready for your next backcountry adventure with a two-day Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course. Learn basic first aid so you can explore the backcountry with confidence!

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Apply for a Semester Scholarship

NOLS students use crampons to backpack across snowfield in PatagoniaPhoto by Fiona Casson

Whether your course is based in the U.S. or abroad, you can receive financial aid to help fund your semester in the wilderness. Find out if you’re eligible for a scholarship.

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Create a Customized NOLS Course for Your Organization

Naval Academy Mountaineering course participants cross a stream while backpacking. Photo by Eric Page

From Columbia MBA students to NASA astronauts, we work with a wide variety of organizations to teach effective leadership and help transform groups into teams.

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NOLS students backpack in Patagonia, heading toward snow-capped peaksPhoto by Betsy Winston

Check out some amazing photos from NOLSies in the field, like this incredible shot taken on a Year in Patagonia course!

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