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Learn to make your own tasty, just-add-water backpacking meals, get student perspectives on what you’ll learn on a semester course, and hear how NOLS impacted Whole Foods founder Peter Roy and his family.

How to Make Your Own Instant Backpacking Meals

selection of sauce packets used for instant backpacking meals

Photo by Katherine Boehrer

There’s no need to spend a fortune on those just-add-water, instant backpacking meals—you can make your own “meal-in-a-bag” using items from your local grocery store!

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What You Learn on a NOLS Semester

Sea kayak with other group members and mountains in the background

Photo by Jordan Cranch

Whether you’re an outdoor educator, college student, or taking a gap year, a NOLS semester is a great chance to learn lifelong leadership and outdoor skills. See what our grads have to say about their experience.

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Watch: Her Semester in Africa

NOLS student on an East Africa course looks out at the plain stretching out in front of him

Peter Roy, NOLS parent, grad, and a founder of Whole Foods, shares how NOLS has impacted his family, ultimately leading to his self-declared “finest moment as a parent.”

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Go Backpacking in the Southwest

three backpackers hike on a tree-lined trail in the U.S. SouthwestPhoto by Liz Schultz

Spend a week backpacking in the high desert and ponderosa pines of the Gila National Forest in the U.S. Southwest.

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New Zealand Sailing - Prime

NOLS students sail a keelboat in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds
Photo by Mark Jordan

Join a group of adult peers for the adventure of a lifetime: two weeks sailing keelboats in New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds off the upper South Island.

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Apply for a Spring Semester Scholarship

NOLS students use crampons to backpack across a snowfield in PatagoniaPhoto by Fiona Casson

Thinking about spending your spring semester in the wilderness? Find out if you’re eligible for a scholarship.

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Quiz: Altitude Illness

NOLS backpacking students sit beside an alpine lake in Alaska's Talkeetna MountainsPhoto by Laura Pinover

Test your wilderness medicine knowledge: are you ready to prevent, recognize, and treat altitude illness?

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