Step Forward 

For over fifty years, our focus at NOLS has been to prepare our students to step forward as leaders in the outdoors—and in their lives. We started with just a few hundred students in 1965 and will educate more than 25,000 this year, each one of them leaving more prepared to lead long after their NOLS experience.

As the school has grown, the world around us has changed dramatically, making a NOLS education even more valuable. Leadership, skills, a connection to nature, time to unplug and reflect—all more important than ever, and why we’re asking for your support.

Step Forward: The Campaign for NOLS is a $30 million comprehensive campaign. It’s our commitment to you and future students to expand access to NOLS to people from all backgrounds. We’ll do this through new partnerships, outreach, and scholarships, while continuing to invest in all that makes NOLS exceptional. Broadening access to the outdoors, however, while growing the school to meet current and future needs will require your help.

Join us by learning more about Step Forward.

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