“People respond to him differently now because he feels differently about himself.”

Carol Santa Maria, alumnus Aris Nogueron's mother

“The further I get from the time of my course, the more I understand the subtle yet profound impact it has had on my attitude, my life, and myself.”

Erika Hesterberg

"My fellow students and instructors helped reinforce the idea that outdoor education plays a vital role in our world today."

Jimmy Forbes

"My forced perseverance opened my eyes to the fact that I am strong, capable of achieving any goal and there is nothing standing in my way."

Justina Krane

Every NOLS student comes to us with uncertainty. They’ve left all they know at home to form a new community with a handful of strangers. They return as a cohesive group, changed and empowered. They’ve been engaged by each other and their surroundings, exposed to new perspectives and educated by their experiences and knowledgeable instructors.




Every student educated to appreciate and navigate the wilderness, every future leader trained to lead, every medical situation aided by a NOLS-trained provider, happens because you Stepped Forward. Your support makes a difference today and to the future of our world.

This is evident not just in expedition courses, but in the new confidence of NOLS Wilderness Medicine graduates, the camaraderie and teamwork of NOLS Custom Education groups, and the self-assurance of those who have benefitted from NOLS Risk Services.

Students become the innovators our changing world needs—leaders from every background with newly acquired skills and an understanding of themselves and their environment.


NOLS NZ Keelboat Sail NZS 2 & 4, 28 March - 20 April 2012. - 049_edit

For more than 50 years, our deliberate approach to leadership, communication, team dynamics, and self-awareness have benefitted our students’ lives, careers, and communities. It’s our core belief that education should be exciting, challenging, and fun. NOLS instructors are committed to inspiring students to explore and develop their understanding of wilderness ethics, leadership, teamwork, environmental studies, and technical skills. The research and staff time required to develop the innovative curriculum at the foundation of a NOLS education needs your support. Step forward and join us to educate future leaders.



When were you first exposed to the wilderness? Where did you discover your love of the outdoors? A memory likely lingers. At NOLS we strive to make a wilderness experience and its inherent lessons available to all who seek it. To expose new students to a world they may not have known existed.

NOLS is proud of our more than 280,000 alumni around the globe. Thousands enroll on a NOLS course every year, from high school students to teachers, astronauts to executives, medical professionals to parents. The choice that each student makes to explore wilderness skills and leadership exposes them to new perspectives, people, and possibilities.

You can help expose future leaders to the wilderness. Create lasting, transformative memories for new students with a gift today.

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